Built Flexible.

Easily create your own digital questionnaires and intelligently collect customer data.

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Flexibox allows you to build great forms and questionnaires quickly - without the complication.


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The combination of a powerful form builder and customer friendly crafted templates get you up and running FAST.

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Save time and digitise your data capture and fact find processes. No more waiting for weeks on that snail mail - fetch your mission critical data fast.

Ensure data integrity

Tired of incorrectly completed questionnaires and forms? Can't read that cursive doctors handwriting? Flexibox eliminates handwriting, and enables your customers to quickly and easily provide critical information.

You're in control. Your customers enter their information directly into Flexibox, approve, save, send >>

New world approach

In this new COVID world, engage your customers online, digitally - in real time, from the comfort of their home.

Level up your productivity

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